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You run a restaurant and want to boost your revenue?

You want your kitchen to run at it's full potential?

You want to stand out from the over-crowded burgers-pizzas-tacos market but don't know how?


You want to add a little je ne sais quoi to your menu without having to hire any additional employee?

Well, have no fear, we’re here to help you run at full steam, because Club Frienchy will save the day with our revolutionary tarte flambée concept!

Yes, you heard that right. Tartes flambées, the French dish that's so unique, it'll make your customers's tastebuds dance the can-can.

It's like a pizza's sophisticated French cousin but with a crispy-thin crust, up to 50% less calories and f#@king delicious flavors!

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We'll provide you with our unique recipes created by our French chef and our savoir-faire.

In your preparation time, all you have to do is prepare the tartes flambées, vacuum-sealed them (to keep all their freshness and flavors) and put them in your freezer (zero food loss btw!).

When rush time is coming and we send you an order we received from your own neighbors, simply pop them out of your freezer and deliver right away or cook them in your oven (8 to 10 mn) and deliver ready to's up to your customers (unless they chose the pick up or dine-in option).

You'll be able to deliver our orders in no time, making your nearby customers thrilled and your employees will keep all their time to take care of your own customers' orders.

Talk about convenience!

There's more!

You don’t have to do anything because Club Frienchy takes care of all the marketing and promotion to bring you orders.

On top of it, since you already have a facility and staff, there are no additional fees for you. Your foot traffic will increase due to the pick up option and you'll earn up to $10,000/month.

It's a real win-win situation!

Except for your competitors who sell pizza-burgers-tacos in a so over-crowded market.

They will be left in the dust as you shine with your unique and stand out tarte flambée offerings because you'll be the only one to sell them in your area.

Au revoir, bland menu options! Bonjour, Club Frienchy!

So come on, you have nothing to loose but everything to win. Join the Club Frienchy family and add some French flair to your menu.

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